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5 m) Pull, semi, or semi-offset: 40 hp (30 kW) With several cutting widths, MX Series Rotary Cutters feature durable construction that can handle the rigors of tough brush and weeds as well as everyday mowing. 40 10' Pull Type Cutter, -40 to Sep 20, 2021 · BUSH HOG 3210. Phone: (770) 462-7335. Filter. The 10' Big Bee pull type rotary mower is equipped with a 125 H. Condition: Used. Gift Cards are available! Woods' Rigid Rotary Cutters are the perfect cutter for everything from maneuvering through narrow spaces, clearing brush, or maintaining miles of highways. 00: 1915: Rotary Cutter 15 foot Rotary Cutter: 15 ft: $16,900. 5" cutting capacity and 1/4" side skirts. DS10. 10' width, Pull type hydraulic lift, Laminated tires, 540 PTO, Stump jumpers, good Blades, Good solid Mower. Land Pride's RC3614 and RCM3614 Series Rotary Cutters provide excellent cutting performance on gently sloping or slightly contoured right of ways, pastures, and set-aside-acres. MX8: Mid-duty The A frame style three point hitch is a technically designed one piece hitch and attaches to the main frame allowing a fold back or flex action, by means of strap and chain brace when using the rotary cutter in unlevel or terraced areas. Please call us at for more information or to come and take a look at it. Flex-wings are available in cutting widths from 10 to 20 feet with cutting heights from 2-14 inches. Two available options include a trailing kit with hydraulic lift or a 3-point hitch. The input driveline is a constant-velocity, Cat. Bolts in one shield to be replaced before auction close. Sep 09, 2021 · For Sale Price:USD $270,000. So, rotary cutters are one of those things that really needs to be sized properly for your tractor, because most tractors have the horsepower to be able to turn a rotary cutter. To learn more about Bush-Whacker, visit our Bush-Whacker mowers have been the choice of the Department of Transportation for more than 40 years and our heavy-duty brush cutters are the choice of today’s farmer. 5 m to 3. Type Mowers (50) Show all types. 00. We deliver! Please see our delivery calculator to get a price quote to have a Safford team member bring your equipment to you. images show the blade turning, Please be aware that photographs with contents are for display purposes only and are not included with the case Find used Bush Hog 3210 rotary cutters for sale near you. Auction (50) Online Auction (1) 2009 JOHN DEERE MX10 10 Ft Rotary Mower Heavy Duty 10 Foot Flex-Wing Brush Cutter ST-120. Pull Type Deep Till; 3 Point Deep Till; 3 Point Rotary Cutters. Crafted for rugged pastures and thick brush cutting jobs, there's almost nothing Woods rotary cutters can't take on. Land Pride's RC3712 (RCM3712) Folding Rotary Cutter features a 3" cutting capacity with a cut height of 1. Tebben Stump Grinder; Snow Bucket; Skid Sep 09, 2010 · The standard duty 2010 model cuts 9 ft. 2020 Frontier, GM1048E, rotary_cutters_light, Type: 4 Ft, Type: Pull-Type, , NEW FRONTIER GM1048E PULL BEHIND 3 POINT CATEGORY 1 48" GROOMING MOWER * Ag-Pro of New Philadelphia - Website New Philadelphia, OH - 229 mi. 9 inches width in heavy grass and weeds. Series I, with a 3-point hitch, is available in 48" or 60" widths. 120-inch pull-type dual-spindle rotary cutter. The 14' cutting width, 2" to 12" cutting height and ability to cut weeds and brush up to 2" in diameter make them well suited for these applications. Heavy Duty 10 Foot Flex-Wing Brush Cutter ST-120. 2018 Rhino, 4150, rotary_cutters_heavy, Type: 15 Ft, Type: Pull-Type, , 2018 RHINO 4150 ROTARY CUTTER - 15' CUTTING WIDTH - 540 PTO - PULL TYPE w/CLEV Heritage Tractor of Nevada - Website Nevada, MO - 1,415 mi. 9, Cutting Capacity, Diameter 3. Available in 3-point, semi-mount or pull-type, the RCF30 features a 2. Constant velocity P. COM The pull-type model uses an equal-angle driveline for smoother, rattle-free turns. These rugged cutters offer superior cut quality, easier maintenance, and longer life expectancy to give you the years of dependable service DS10. 0, Recommended Loader Capaci $6,025. . com is the Official E-Commerce website for the sale of Official HOWSE Implement Replacement & Repair Parts as well as the Resouce to Acquire Top of the Line HOWSE Implement Equipment such as Rotary Cutters, Rototillers, Post Hole Diggers, Box Blades, Sprayers, Rakes and other Farm Implements. A lightweight driveline with a lock-slide collar makes it fast and easy to attach. Standard Duty King Kutter Stump Jumper, Fits 4', 5' and 6' Rotary Mowers 403031. 72" V40 Rotary Brush Cutter Open Front 16-25 GPM St and ard Flow only, Overall Cutter Width 78, Cutter Height 21. *S NEW John Deere MX10 rotary cutter. For Sale Price: USD $4,950. $112. New Titan 10' Pull Type Brush Cutter. Rotary Cutters however do not make very good grooming mowers, they are intended to be used as a Brush Cutter mounted to the 3 point Hitch, or maybe Pull type that doesn't go up or down with your three point hitch. Full warranty and financing with approved credit. Find John Deere, Bush Hog, Woods, Amada, Ball & Jewell, and Martin for sale on Machinio. Lebanon, PA. *S Search for used 10 rotary cutter. 11. In the market for a used rotary cutter? Papé Machinery has an extensive inventory of models from John Deere, Frontier, and more. 4 wing drivelines. Call us at (717) 866-2135 when you're ready for an upgrade! CountyLine 5 ft. These rotary cutters, available in two series, easily clear heavy weeds and thick rough and require minimal maintenance. 00: 1915-1000-21: Rotary The A frame style three point hitch is a technically designed one piece hitch and attaches to the main frame allowing a fold back or flex action, by means of strap and chain brace when using the rotary cutter in unlevel or terraced areas. Serial Number: 937481. 2020 Virnig 72 V40 Rotary Brush Cutter. Hours: 658. Family owned since 1978. Cat 2/3 pull type. ETA 10-04-2021 Brand New 10' Woods Pull Type Cutter with Chains! Promotional Financing Available! JD Green or Woods Color Available! , We are ranked by Woods as the "Number One in the nation" dealership! Buy with Confidence! , New Woods DS10. Each model has two sets of free swinging blades mounted to a round blade carrier and has stump protection. This legacy began with development of the first tractor-mounted rotary cutter and continues today with unmatched product innovation and service. T. Bad Boy Rotary Brush Cutters. Minimum 40HP required at tractor PTO. Tractor HP: 60 (Pull); 75 (Lift) 3514 Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutter. Bolt Hole type the E-Mail 2021 bush hog 1812. Good for getting thhat pasture cleaned up Sunsouth LLC - Clanton - Website Bush Hog 3510 mower. The 6’ Lift Mower is high quality and built to last year Pull Dirt Scrapers DSP8, DSP10, DSP12 Quick Hitches Rear Mounted Blades 100 SERIES REAR MOUNTED BLADE 120-08_Rear_Mounted_Blade 120-09_Rear_Mounted_Blade 121-07_Rear_Mounted_Blade 121-08_Rear_Mounted_Blade 121-09_Rear_Mounted_Blade 141 Series H. Get Financing*. 5-HP 500 cc Briggs & Stratton Electric Start Trail Commercial Pull-Behind Finish Cut Lawn Mower with 18 reviews. WOODS BW180XASM $11,950. The King Kutter name has been known for Quality and Value for more than forty years in the farm equipment business. 00: 1912: Rotary Cutter 12 foot Rotary Cutter: 12 ft: $17,675. This unit has rubber rolls in it presently but can be changed to steel roll conditioners. 10' pull type rotary mower, stump jumpers, safety chains, local 1 owner, very nice conditionExpress Financing Get Pre-ApprovedGet a FR8Star Shipping Estimate. We only offer the top of the line, proven brands of rotary cutters, and stand behind our products 100% of the time. ATLAS Agri "X Rotary Cutter; ATLAS AGRI MD 785 Rotary Cutter; Big Bee Agri Series Rotary Cutters; Big Bee Titan Rotary Cutters; Big Bee 84" Deck Economy Rotary Cutter; Big Bee HD Series Rotary Cutters. It is available in models of Lift, semi-mount and pull. Cedartown, Georgia 30125. We’ve earned a reputation for selling the best rotary cutters on the market, whether you’re looking for farm equipment, industrial mowers, or a heavy-duty bush hog for the backyard, we’ve got ’em all. Operates as it should. Sold Price: USD $1,000. New Phoenix 4 Ft Offset Ditch Bank Mower MA120. NEW John Deere MX10 rotary cutter. A close relative to the ever-popular ST-180, the ST-120’s smooth-top design is one of the most rugged flex-wing brush cutters on the market today. 5163 Starkey Road Roanoke, VA 24018 (540)989-6300 The A frame style three point hitch is a technically designed one piece hitch and attaches to the main frame allowing a fold back or flex action, by means of strap and chain brace when using the rotary cutter in unlevel or terraced areas. Buying Format. Please call (877) 872-2417 for a freight quote. Find John Deere for sale on Machinio. Variable Offset Rotary Cutter; Heavy Duty Double Cutter; Heavy Duty Rotary Cutter; 4', 5', 6' Medium Duty Roundback; 40" Economy; 3 Point Attachments. Durable and easy-to-use cutters for both brush cutting and crop shredding. 4. Three Point Fork Lift; Finishing Mowers; Yard Leveler; Tree Saw; Skid Steer Attachments. This series takes the classic slip-clutch protection and puts it to the test with jobs like, heavy duty agricultural, commercial and industrial mowing jobs! The RCF3010 / RCFM3010 Dual-Spindle Rotary Cutter from Land Pride is the perfect medium-duty cutter for pastures and roadside applications. *Engine horsepowers are suggested ranges and vary according to soil conditions and weight added to scraper. 4, Deck Height 7. New for 2020! Serving the American Farmer since 1984 The 2310 Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutter slashes through heavy grass, weeds, and light brush up to 2” in diameter. Standard front and rear safety chain shields. NEW John Deere MX10 rotary cutter. away Bush Hog 3510 mower. 5 m to 6. 2 days ago · Swisher pull behind mower - 3 blades with 60 inch . In other words, this five foot cutter could be turned with probably as low as 20 horsepower, like a Ford 8M, which only had 24 horsepower, but it weighed 3500 pounds. Type: 10 Ft, Type: Pull The TS12 is a 12' Flex-Wing Rotary Cutter with a 1 1/2" cut capacity. The cutter uses dual spindles with two free-swinging blades each, which reduce the shock of impact Bush Hog - Classifieds in Hattiesburg area (+250 miles): 2021 Bush Hog BH216 Rotary in Purvis, 2021 Bush Hog SBX84 Box in Purvis, 2021 Statewide Turf provides quality golf course equipment at special sale prices to customers all around the world! Shop the best Used-in golf equipment from us. Hundreds of Rotary Cutters and Shredders for sale with competitive pricing. Call (717) 949-2123. With it’s 4″ cutting capacity and 250 HP gearbox, you will be hard-pressed to find another mower that can outperform the ST-120 in the These rotary cutters, available in two series, easily clear heavy weeds and thick rough and require minimal maintenance. To find the best brush cutter for your needs, browse our top selling rotary cutters and check with your local Bush-Whacker dealer to find the mower for your job. 5 out of 5 stars. We will deliver for free within 75 miles. Type: 10 Ft, Type: Pull Howse, HD10, rotary_cutters_heavy, Type: 10 Ft, Type: Semi-Mount, Local trade, , Howse HD10 cutter for sale. 10' 6" cutting width, cuts up to 3" diameter, 210 HP, gear boxes, pull type on wheels with cylinder, dual wheels and chains. They have thick blades of sharpened metal which can cut thick grass, weeds, heavy brush, and small trees. 1 ft to 20. SKU: BH114 Categories: Farm, Rotary Cutters Tags: Bush Hog, Rotary Cutters Brand: Bush Hog. 00: 1915-1000-21: Rotary We are located on the corner of Starkey and Terminal Roads in Roanoke, VA. A fully welded deck adds additional strength while the floating 3-point permits the deck to hug the terrain for a quality cut. Model 418. 2014 John Deere, HX15, rotary_cutters_heavy, Type: 15 Ft, Shielded 50-160 HP. 8. <br><br>List Price: $14076<br>Call For Special Pricing Find used Bush Hog 3210 rotary cutters for sale near you. The cross shafts have fiber padded couplers. P. Save. 3 m), with transport widths of 8. Flex-Wing: Yes. 0% financing for 36 months. Mohawk Stallion 8 Rotary cutters available from 4ft to 15ft. The 5000 Icon Rotary Cutters push the power load to the limit at 70 horsepower, generating enough force to cut brush up to 5” in diameter. Used Rotary Cutters for Sale. With it’s 4″ cutting capacity and 250 HP gearbox, you will be hard-pressed to find another mower that can outperform the ST-120 in the 3510 Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutter Cutting Width: 10-feet 6-inches Cutting Capacity: 3-1/2 inches Min. King Kutter is the leading manufacturer of farm equipment for over thirty years with a reputation for dependability and value. Add to Compare. HOWSEImplement. For Sale Price: USD $9,325. 2" cutting capacity. These type of mowers make light work of cleaning up your fields and property. Innovative new suspension and driveline designs. Six-year gearbox limited warranty. Tractor rotary cutters are available in almost any cutting width for any size tractor, and our experts are on call to help get the right brush cutter for your tractor today. With over a 150 dealers nationwide that sell Bush-Whacker equipment, there’s sure to be a rotary cutter for sale near you. 126" cutting width. Contact Us. 14. Continental Belton's. Suitable for any tractor between 35 - 60 horsepower. in diameter. Since 1951, Bush Hog has delivered dependable rotary cutters, finishing mowers, landscape tools and a wide variety of tractor mounted implements. New Tennessee River 6 FT Rotary Cutter or Brush Hog. SERIES I. 8 ft (2. Then, higher Blade Tip Speeds shred though WOODS BW180XASM $11,950. $7,900. These cutters are designed to work with 42 or 52 minimum hp tractors, and are available in 94” and 117” widths. Find used rotary cutters for sale near you. Questions call Jake 641-202-3315 Sep 13, 2021 · Browse our inventory of new and used Krone Disc Mowers For Sale near you at TractorHouse. The robust TR Series is the latest addition to RhinoAg’s already-impressive lineup of multi-spindle cutters. Condition: New. And the Quick-Clip® blade retention system allows the operator to quickly change blades in the field. Variable wheel spacing. 15' Rotary Cutter, 540 RPM, CV, Stump Jumper, Front & Rear Chain Shielding, 4-29x9x15 Foam Filled Airplane Tires, Stroke Control, Cylinder, Hose & T-hose kit, 160 hp. center gear box and the outer gear boxes at 80 H. Burkholder Tractor & Equipment LLC - Flintville Rd. These Heavy-Duty Dual Spindle Cutters are designed for heavy-duty applications such as weeds, grass, and brush up to 3” diameter. Over that time, we have built lifelong relationships with our product owners while earning a reputation for our ruggedness, durability and value of our products. We are located on the corner of Starkey and Terminal Roads in Roanoke, VA. Rotary Cutter Blades, Pack of 2, CL122 Rotary Cutter Blade, FMC/Sidewinder 15120, 28 3/4x3 1/2x1/2, CCW, 1 1/2 in. Type: 10 Ft, Type: Pull-Type, NEW John Deere MX10 rotary cutter. Woods® Multi-Spindle Cutters DS10. This Swisher mower is the most popular brand of tow bar is a little over 5 ft. Rotary Cutter 8 foot Heavy Duty Rotary Cutter with Slip Clutch, 1000 RPM: 8 ft: $7,475. Available in 3-Point Lift-Type, Semi-Mount and Self-Leveling Pull-Type models, the 2310 makes quick work of crop residue, orchard maintenance, and general land overgrowth. away Woods Rotary Cutters. 2008 John Deere HX10. 00: 1915-1000-21: Rotary Some of the most reviewed products in Commercial Lawn Mowers are the Swisher 44 in. Sep 24, 2021 · For Sale Price: USD $12,900. Find used Bush Hog 3210 rotary cutters for sale near you. com. Updated: Fri, Sep 24, 2021 1:26 PM. Other than the minor difference in cut capacity, the only difference between the TS12 and TS10 is fitting through those 8' gates to mow. Cut grass, weeds, and brush up to 2 in. 40 Pull Type. Cut 3 windrows or use merger to put into center swath. 5 HP Briggs and Stratton Electric Start Finish-Cut Trailmower with 21 reviews and the Swisher 60 in. Splitter Gearbox, 2" Cutting Capacity. Standard stump jumper blade holder. Mohawk No-Till Drill Available in 7ft, 10ft, and 15ft. Sep 09, 2021 · Used Brush Cutter for sale. D. Ford 951 Rotary Shredder selling for local retirement 6 foot cut 540 pto shredder looks to be very low use viewings encouraged located near David City we can help load Call John for details 402-625-7254 Call Tammy at Pioneer Transfer for a trucking quote 402-564-3034 buyer responsi Kuhn GMD1313 TG 10 foot pull type disc mower. Rotary mowers are easy to attach to the back of a tractor using the three-point hitch and are driven by the PTO. Tractor HP: 75 (Pull); 90 (Lift) 14215 Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutter. Industry exclusive Double-Decker frame design. Wings float independently over uneven terrain to provide a uniform cutting appearance. and safety chains are standard. Search for used 10ft rotary cutter. (6) 6 product ratings - Standard Duty King Kutter Stump Jumper, Fits 4', 5' and 6' Rotary Mowers 403031. Big Bee SCL760HD 7' Rotary Cutter; Big Bee SCL8100HD 8' Heavy Duty Rotary Cutter; Big Bee SCL96 8' Rotary Cutter; Big Bee SCL120 10' Lift Type Our Price: New Phoenix 47 Inch SLE-120 Tractor Flail Mower. Taylor Pittsburgh’s Series 270 10’ Pull-type and Lift-type Cutters deliver powerful cutting action, and a variety of options that make it easy to customize your implement for a wide range of uses. Out of Stock. With industry leading standards and build quality second-to-none, the Bad Boy Rotary Cutter performs to the highest standards—and at a price that’s even tougher to beat. Manufacturer: Virnig. Mower has been used this year and only reason for selling is upgraded to new model. Get Shipping Quotes Apply for Financing. O. BUSH HOG 9' Rotary Mower, Pull Type, Off Set, Good for mowing road ditches Selling as part of a Retirement, check out our other auctions located near Elgin, NE Ted 402-843-8370. This feature sets the Agri Series Rotary Cutter apart from most medium duty rotary cutters. ST-120. 40. flex wing cutter, 540 pto, dual axles center section, single axle on wings, used aircraft tires, single row chain guards, hyd. Browse the most popular brands and models at the best prices on Machinery Pete. We also have a narrow hitch model King Kutter for use with the smaller sub compact tractors. 7, Minimum Cut Height 1. TPMA 3Pt Skid & Trailer Sprayers also available. 5" to 14". Smooth, sloped-top deck sheds water and debris to prevent rust and corrosion. Sleek, low-profile cutter units and wide skid shoes provide clean cutting and help protect against machine damage. 1 m). Cutting efficiency is increased by the 8’3” cutting width and 11 ¾” sideband height allowing a greater volume of material within the cutting chamber. Hold at Halifax. Since 1946, Woods has grown to become the undisputed mowing expert. More Information. <br><br>List Price: $14076<br>Call For Special Pricing Rotary Cutters For Sale: 382 Rotary Cutters - Find Rotary Cutters on Equipment Trader. Cuts light brush up to 2 inches in diameter. Whether you are looking for a standard 6-foot rotary cutter for sale or a larger 8-foot or 10-foot brush hog, you’ll find plenty of options in our inventory. Sep 08, 2010 · Type: Minimum PTO hp required Recommendations: MX8: Mid-duty: 8 ft (2. Whether you’re looking for a 6-foot Rotary Cutter, a rotary mower wheel fork, or a rotary mower blade set, Agri Supply has the King Kutter equipment you need. Auction Ended: Wed, Aug 26, 2020 2:51 PM. 2020 Rhino Ag TS10 New Rhino TS10 Flex-Wing Rotary Cutter, Fits Through An 8 Foot Gate, Replacement Skid Shoes, Run on as little as 35 PTO . 30 ft cut. Good for getting thhat pasture cleaned up Sunsouth LLC - Clanton - Website 10' PULL TYPE ROTARY CUTTER, DRAW BAR, 1 3/8" PTO-540 Please read all the terms and conditions before bidding as they are NOT negotiable. All units are sold "AS IS WHERE IS"; with no warranties written or implied by Robbins Equipment Inc. 00: 1810-1000-21: Rotary Cutter 10 foot Heavy Duty Rotary Cutter with Slip Clutch, 1000 RPM 10 ft: $9,725. Mohawk 960. Find new and used Rotary Cutters and Shredders for sale in Fastline's large database. visit our website. 6 with Cat. 3514 Series Rotary Cutters Cutting Width: 14-feet Cutting Capacity: 3-1/2 inches Min. Bush Hog flex-wing rotary cutters incorporate the latest in design and build quality to give you years of dependable service. Cutting widths range from 8. Drag (Bottomless) Scraper For use with tractors in the 40 – 240hp range. These rugged cutters offer superior cut quality, easier maintenance, and longer life expectancy to give you the years of dependable service Mower Type: 3 Pt. Series II is available in widths of 60", 72" and 84". The cutter is available for 540 or 1000 RPM tractors, with 4 or 6 tires in 3 sizes, and 5 hitch options. 2016 low hour Big M420CRI. Serving the American Farmer since 1984 TR 200 Series Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutters. Our Rotary Cutters deliver the best value in the industry by making it the perfect match for your hard work—and your tractor. If you’re looking for bush hog parts or to find parts from a mower dealer, gearbox replacement, rotary cutter parts, and similar, visit our parts page to find a Bush-Whacker parts dealer near you. 5 year limited gearbox warranty. Use our locator tool below to find the nearest authorized Bush-Whacker heavy duty rotary cutter dealer. Email Seller Video Chat. Cutterbar Protection: Yes. manufacturer: bush hog model: 1812 type: 12 ft new - bush hog 1812 12 ft. Bush Hog® continues to lead the industry in Rotary Cutter performance, durability, and value. (941) 915-8783 INFO@STATEWIDETURFEQUIPMENT. Rotary Mowers. No matter what your mowing or cutting needs, one of Bush Hog’s multi-spindle rotary cutters is the perfect choice… the right implement for your tractor and cutting requirements. 3 ft to 10. Just In: Bush Hog brand 3210 10 ft pull type, big gearboxes, nice deck, CV driveline, $3850, Woods 15 ft batwing, big gearboxes, good deck, airplane tires, $4500,Landpride 10 ft 3 pt, one new gearbox, solid deck, big gearboxes, $3500, Modern galvanized 6 ft cutter, $1150, other 6 ft mowers $500 and up ,cash or cashiers check Sep 16, 2021 · Rome Plow Company. TR 300 Series Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutters. Lampasas, TX, USA. Cutting Width: 30 ft. Filter your search results with the tool to the right of the listings to find the exact make and model you need. RCR18 Series Rotary Cutters Land Pride's RCR1860 & RTR1872 Rotary Cutters are ideal for light-duty maintenance around the farm, on gently slopes, or slightly contoured right-of-ways. Financial Calculator. Our New 2208 Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutter is designed for general purpose cutting of fields, crop residue, and light brush up to 2” in diameter. 50. The Megaliner Available in 26ft, 32ft, 36ft and 40ft. 5163 Starkey Road Roanoke, VA 24018 (540)989-6300 Some of the most reviewed products in Commercial Lawn Mowers are the Swisher 44 in. The driveline provides long lubrication periods; a 50-hour cycle reduces maintenance time, making the cutting operation more efficient. We offer Single-Spindles ranging from our Economy-Class BH100 Series that are purpose-built for smaller, compact tractors to the BH516, an Extreme-Duty, brush-busting behemoth designed to take down virtually any unwanted vegetation. (717) 949-2123. Whether you are looking for a rotary kutter or a finish mower, rotary tiller, disc harrow or any landscape and rural use products, you can feel confident that you have a great product, at a great price which delivers unsurpassed value. Blade (8 FT & 9 FT) 160 SERIES REAR MOUNTED BLADE 175-09_Rear_Mounted_Blade 175-10_Rear_Mounted 50-80 HP - Series 270 10' Pull and Lift Type Cutter. View Details. 1 ft (2. Models include AMR, ECF360, EC3200, EC4013CV, ECB970, ECR320, and ECTS320. Mohawk 1360.

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